CPIC Kit Development


For CPIC Kit developers we have outlined the tools and techniques used to code, test and publish the CPIC Kit.


You can start the kit via npm start. Starting the kit runs the KGrid Activator, KGrid Library and a web server that will serve up the web CPIC demo application. Stopping these applications require npm stop.


The kit has a set of smoke tests that are designed to ensure that the CIPC Kit and be installed and started. The tests exercise the CPIC KOs and demo clients. They utilize

You can run the tests via the test npm command.

npm test

Continuous Integration

The CPIC Kit utilizes CircleCI to build/test/package the kit.

Packaging the Kit for distribution

Publishing a version of the kit requires you to create a new CPIC Kit zip file and create a new CPIC Kit GitHub release in the CPIC Kit repository. The package npm command will zip up the CPIC Kit required files into a cpic-kit.zip in the dist directory.

npm run package

Publish Documentation

Running Local Dev Docs Publish

npm install
npm run docs:dev

Build dist directory ready for publish

npm run docs:build`

CircleCi publishes the documentation using VuePress and the .circleci/vuepress_deploy.sh script. The gh-pages branch is used for the publishing process and setup in the GitHub repository's GitHub Pages.

Last Updated: 10/16/2018, 12:14:23 AM