KGRID Kit Get Started Guide

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The KGrid Kit packages is used to package a collection of Knowledge objects with an Activator, Library, demo clients, and documentation. The entire kit can be constructed from a local manifest.json file, or a manifest loaded from a remote location.

The kit is designed as a personal Knowledge Grid used to explore the capabilities of KGrid. The Kit is not meant to be used as a production deployment. See Kgrid Getting Started for more information on deploying Libraries, Activators and KGRID Knowledge Objects

NOTE the KGrid Kit comes with a sample manifest.json file the references the example collection's hello-world KO and web client.


To setup the KGRID Kit you need:

To verify the versions for installed software, type in the following in your terminal widow :

java -version                     # JAVA version
npm version                       # node/npm version
  1. Download the latest KGRID Kit from GitHub, GitHub KGRID Kit Release.
  2. Unzip to a directory of your choice.
  3. Via a terminal interface navigate to the kgrid_kit directory and install the kit

For example to create a kgrid-kit directory in my projects directory and install the kit:

unzip -d /Users/me/projects
cd /Users/me/projects/kgrid-kit
npm install

The install process is downloading the KGrid applications (library and activator) and loading the KGRID Knowledge Objects into the system.

When complete you should see a similar message

Clean up complete
Load KGrid Assets
Downloading kgrid-activator-1.0.1.jar
Downloading kgrid-library-1.0.9.jar
Downloading downloaded to dist
kgrid-activator-1.0.1.jar downloaded to activator
kgrid-library-1.0.9.jar downloaded to library
*                               *
* Type 'npm start' to run KGrid *
*                               *


Starting KGrid KGRID Kit

Starting the KGrid KGRID Kit will start up an instance of the KGrid Activator, KGrid Library and KGRID Kit Web. The KGRID Kit Web server will serve the KGRID web demo application.

From the command line of the kit directory start the kit.

npm start

When complete you should see a similar message

Starting KGrid KGRID Kit
Starting KGRID Kit demo web site on http://localhost:8083
Starting library on http://localhost:8081
Starting activator on http://localhost:8082
KGrid KGRID Kit is running

Stopping KGrid KGRID Kit

Stopping the running KGrid activator, library and demo web site can be accomplished with the npm stop command

npm stop

A similar message will appear

Stopping Activator, Library and KGRID Demo web site
kill -15 229
kill -15 228
kill -15 89142

Troubleshooting & Debugging

Application Logs

On windows the activator, library and web demo components will start their own terminal window. The application logs will stream to those terminal windows

On macs the application logs will be stored in the kgrid-kit/activator/activator.log and kgrid-kit/library/libray.log files.

KGRID Kit Updates

Each time the KGRID Kit is started it will first check to see if there have been any updates to the Kit or it's dependencies. A KGrid Assets Status section will appear in the terminal window.

       KGrid Assets Status      
  currentTag:  kgrid-library-1.0.9
  latestTag:   kgrid-library-1.0.9
  description: Changed the publish feature
  currentTag:  kgrid-activator-1.0.1
  latestTag:   kgrid-activator-1.0.1
  description: Refactored the health endpoint
  currentTag:  1.5.0
  latestTag:   1.5.0
  description: Update the Codeine CYP2D6 recommendation object
  currentTag:  1.1.0
  latestTag:   v1.1.0
  description: This is the release for KGrid team internal review.

* A new version of KGRID-Kit is available.
  You can download at

Starting KGrid KGRID Kit

Tips and Tricks

Customize Shelf Location

The install process downloads knowledge objects and creates a shelf for the activator and library, you may override this shelf by supplying you own kit shelf location. Set the KIT_SHELF_LOCATION environment variable before you start the kit

export KIT_SHELF_LOCATION=///Users/me/shelf

The kit activator and library will use this location instead of the default grid/activator/shelf or grid/library/shelf

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