# LabWise

A SMART on FHIR integrated KGRID app provides evidence-based recommendations of "DOs and DONTs" for physicians in practice.

The app is published at kgrid.org/labwise/fhir-app, which requires to launch from SMART Sandbox (opens new window).

The app also requires the connection to a KGRID activator, which has the needed knowledge objects loaded. Currently, the app is set up to connect with a local activator running at localhost:9090.

# To install and run a local KGRID activator

Download the KGRID activator file at KGRID Activator Release (opens new window). The latest release is kgrid-activator-0.5.8-SNAPSHOT. Save the file to a designated folder.

Start the activator by running the command

java -jar kgrid-activator-0.5.8.jar --library.url=http://kgrid.med.umich.edu/library2 --server.port=9090

Once up and running, the activator will connect with KGRID library2 and running at localhost:9090

# Load the needed knowledge objects

Adding the three needed knowledge objects by running the command (You may need to run in a separate terminal window):

curl --request PUT --url http://localhost:9090/shelf/ark:/99999/fk4fj2rv22

curl --request PUT --url http://localhost:9090/shelf/ark:/99999/fk4g168s5p

curl --request PUT --url http://localhost:9090/shelf/ark:/99999/fk4b85k02x

# Running the LabWise app

Log in to SMART Sandbox (opens new window) as KGRID-DEMO and go to STU3 Sandbox

Click on the registered app of LabWise and click "Launch" Button.

Last Updated: 10/24/2017, 11:43:03 PM