Core Components


KGrid Library stores, curates and manages Knowledge Objects.


KGrid Activator activates Knowledge Objects and provides services through REST API.

Web Apps

Cancer Advisor demonstrates the cancer risk score calculation, visualization and interpretation.

IPP Demo demonstrates the prioritization of USPSTF Recommendations.

CPIC Demo demonstrates the CPIC Collection. It can also be deployed as part of the CPIC Kit.

RxPattern allows the user to quickly determine whether a prescription has a common, rare, or unprecedented "Sig"


Once in the SMART Launcher, click on the green button at the bottom of the page to launch these SMART apps. Next, in the SMART EHR Sandbox, select a patient to use each app.

Drug Gene Tool offers the drug dosing recommendations based on the phenotypes.

LabWise demonstrates the implementation of test guidelines in a computable form.


Post PCI demonstrates the risk score calculation and visualization.